Public Image Strategist

The story …

We all have one, but is it the one you should be telling!

We are a team of Public Image Strategists and Consultants With your story on our minds! We are all lovers of the written word and the power hidden inside every story draws us. Our team members have years of experience as Broadcast Journalists and have been equipped with unique skills to identify the strong and important details of any story.

Shining the spotlight on those important details is part of our assignment. We believe this to be essential for any entrepreneur, ministry leader, author, speaker, or candidate for government office. Frankly, anyone trying to convey a clear message to a mass audience and expecting a tangible connection that bears fruit must know what their story is!

“Think about it, during the 2020 lockdowns the internet and social media channels were suddenly more bombarded and inundated with marketing ads and promotional content, how did anyone’s business stand out?